Mir Hasan Mir | Zikr e Alamdar Baar Baar | New Manqabat 2017-18 [HD]

May 1, 2017 7:08 am
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Mir Hasan Mir | Zikr e Alamdar Baar Baar | 6th New Manqabat 2017-18 [HD]
Exclusive 6th Manqabat by Mir Hasan Mir ☆ Gift For All Momneens From Mir Hasan Mir on the Auspicious Occasion of 4TH Shabaan ☆ Watch in #HD Please ☆
Recitor | Mir Hasan Mir
Poetry | Mir Takallum
Video & Editing | Ali Arman Baltistani
Audio Recorded | ODS Studio
Mir Hasan Mir Official | facebook.com/MirHasanMir.Official
#ManqabatAlbum2017 #MirHasanMir #Share #Like #Comment #MustListen #3RDShabaan #EidMubarak
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